Episode #1 (Explicit) “Glamglow Raid”
Glamglow Raid
Tiff Kicks Rox
Tiff wants to WRESTLE!
Tiff Kicks Rox
Angry Pizza Making
Tiff Kicks Rox
Episode #2 (Explicit) “Tiff Wants to Wrestle”
-Roxy OTM-
Episode #4 “Thick Bands & Booty”
Strengths: Tiff.O, mass crowd control, smells nice & punchbag game expert. Superpower: Mic Use & Legos Weakness: Taxi Drivers & Mango Allergy
Episode #3 (Explicit) “Angry Pizza-Making”
Welcome to the world of “Make-Any-Kine” + “We Know Our Sh*t!” Enjoy the adventures and the many friends made along the way! Episodes Below👇
Thick bands n booty!
Tiff Kicks Rox
Strengths: Make-up, fashion, music+pop culture knowledge, loudest laugh & will go for the eyes when cornered. Superpower: Loud Voice & Tito’s Vodka Weakness: Major FOMO!